Boho Chic Wedding Part Four & Happy New Year

Happy New Year- the staff at Paper Moon Weddings is happy to start the year off with the final showing of our style shoot in December.  We took a slight break to honor the holidays and new year and are so excited to be back to inspire you, educate you and thrill you in honor of your big wedding day.  Congratulations to all the newly engaged and newly married from 2011.  I had the personal privilege of celebrating my new year by serving a bride becoming a married woman – I can’t wait to show you those pictures!

This is the final of our Boho Chic Wedding Inspiration.  The table, the details and the cakes!  Ria at Nature’s Grace Design was the main motivator behind the table setting and she just insisted that there HAD to be Napa tables.  If you don’t know what that is – I am not surprised!   RC Special Events built them for a special event and have had so many requests for them that they now own 23.  It is great to have the long, stained parson’s table and not have to have a linen.  For the minimalist in me this option was very appealing. They are also 18″ wider than a normal banquet table making them a great choice for family style food service at your wedding.  I also just adore the european style seating (which is at the long tables).

For the flowers we really wanted to contrast the neutrals of the Boho Chic style with pops of yellows, teals, and hot pinks.  This was represented through the fabulous floral design by Nature’s Grace Design. The icing on this cake was Heather from The Cake Babe - she did such an amazing job of bringing the colors, style and fun to the dessert portion of this evening.  Heather is sort of a new-be with the Paper Moon family and we are thrilled to have her.  Be sure to check out more of her work on her website.

The next week we are going to be sharing our favorite new trends and vendors so check back for much, much more in 2012 from Paper Moon Weddings.

Colorado Wedding Vendors:

Colorado Wedding Hair- Studio Be Salon

Colorado Wedding Make-up- Steele The Spotlight

Colorado Wedding Venue- Bonell Building

Colorado Wedding Photographer: Harper Point Photography

Colorado Wedding Accessories: White Balcony

Colorado Wedding Registry: The Cupboard

Colorado Wedding Furniture: The Living Space

Colorado Wedding Flowers: Nature’s Grace Design

Colorado Wedding Cake: Cake Babe

Colorado Wedding Hair Feathers: Feathership

Colorado Wedding Dress: Dora Grace

Colorado Wedding Rentals: RC Special Events

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